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Online lessons

 The student must have a good internet connection, a webcam, and an account with Skype or an e​quivalent online video chat service. Group classes are taught via Skype or Zoom. Singers must also have an alternate audio player to play vocal warm ups and accompaniments so as to not interfere with the transmission of the singer's voice via Skype. The vocal warm ups are sent via Google Drive where you can download the mp3's to your computer and from there either burn a cd to play on an external cd player or download them to an mp3 player with external audio playback capabilities (speakers). A cd can be burned and mailed to the student as well if they do not have the capability to download mp3s or burn a cd for themselves. Some vocal warm ups will be played by the instructor and then expected to be sung back a cappella by the student, but the cd and mp3 tracks are helpful for those just learning vocal warm ups.

Music theory activities will be assigned and checked by the instructor online during the lesson.

Lessons are scheduled just as other lessons are scheduled and the cancellation/makeup policy and pricing are the same for online lessons. 

If a student is unsure, they are welcome to try a few in-person lessons, if they have the capability, to get used to the studio's teaching style and lingo, but it is not a requirement and in fact I have had great success with students who start with online lessons directly. Thanks to all of the current technology breakthroughs, student's can get just as good of a well rounded musical or acting experience and education as if they were in person.

The studio still will have it's normal performing opportunities and all online student's are encouraged to come to those if they are capable. If not, in-home recitals are an option (inviting a small group of people to come hear you at your home or a friend's home while having the teacher listen in online). Or you can just take online lessons for your pure enjoyment:-)

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